Pavo Textiles is . . .  

focused on jacquard weaving artisanal baby wraps in the United States. Our mission is to provide heirloom quality wraps woven from the finest natural fibers available. Instead of outsourcing production to save on cost, we are dedicated to creating textiles in the United States that embody the tradition and innovation of American weaving.

Pavo Textiles is the product of  two friends and their late night conversations. They lived far, far away from each other on opposite coasts of the United States, but shared a mutual love and deep respect for unique and artisanal textiles. Both were advocates of traditional babywearing and they spent many hours delving into the weaving, construction and history of traditional woven wraps. 

Between them, Erin and Jennifer have a decade of combined babywearing experience.  They use this knowledge to develop fabric designed specifically for babywearing with the hope that you will find something among the collection ideal for you and your baby.  

Pavo Textiles is a proud member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance.

Jennifer Money is . . .

a PhD in Renaissance and Early Modern English Literature. Her fascination with old books and book bindings has dovetailed perfectly with her love of unique and artisanal textiles. Her love of babywearing led to the purchase of her own babywearing store. After a year of importing textiles from Europe and South America, she decided to broaden her focus to establishing the production of heirloom quality baby slings woven in the United States. Pavo Textiles fulfills that desire with its decision to weave and finish high quality textiles in the United States.

Erin Arnason is . . .

a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Textiles. Since 1997 she has worked developing textiles for apparel in New York and New England.  After a job opportunity brought her back home to Massachusetts she watched the decline of textile manufacturing in the region with alarm.  In discovering babywearing with her second child an idea formed—why not produce these simple pieces of cloth domestically?  Pavo Textiles promises to be one small part of the solution by weaving and finishing our products in the United States.